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Livejournal revival lolol (+ me attempting to update the past 12+ months)

omg hiiiii guyus

I'm so sorry I didn't update my livejournal account for so long lololol, luckily for anyone following the GSNK scanlations I've still been alive and kicking on the cashmoneychiyo tumblr helping out with the chapters there.

Unfortunately because I started my new uni course last year I've been super preoccupied irl so I haven't released any solo projects in aaaages. Nor have I visited OtakuMole in a while >>

I'll attempt some quick updates about life and manga!

move from batoto to mangadex
icymi somehow, batoto was shut down due to admin difficulties iirc? So some kind souls got a successor running up called MangaDex! So I will be uploading manga there from now on. I've uploaded what I've done so far of Ginban Kishi (I've made some minor revisions as well), Gugure Kokkuri-san and GSNK, and a kind soul uploaded Nanatsuya on my behalf!!
For reference, here is my mangadex pages (scanlator page and my account) and here is Cash Money Chiyo's page!

nearly-full on hiatus until the end of the year
I'll be trying to finish my course this year which means I have to make sure my research project doesn't end terribly = GSNK will be the only active frequent release I can properly focus on >< this won't stop me from maybe randomly releasing a chapter of any of my other manga but I can't make any promises
unfortunately that means Ginban Kishi and Nanatsuya might not be back until the end of the year!! I'd like to release at least one chapter of each by then but not so sure

and yes this hiatus applies to OtakuMole translations too!

gugukoku drop
in case this wasn't made obvious yet, I've made the decision to stop working on this series due to the availability of the Crunchyroll chapters online which means people will probably not make use of my scanlations. The possibility of me coming back is there but very small so I won't get your hopes up ><

a whole bunch of gsnk chapters
we were really behind up until now but still released a number of chapters since I last updated here!! We've gained more members since then and have nearly caught up with the current chapter~ <3 Ch99 came out just last week in Japan and CMC has just released Ch96!! And we have plans to release Ch97 and Ch98 soon. So all is good here at least :'D

CCS: Clear Card arc!
for all that talk about me not likely to work on prpojects other than GSNK during the hiatus, I decided to scanlate Ch24 of the Clear Card sequel of Cardcaptor Sakura hahaha I just released it on tumblr and mangadex. idk if I will work on any more of it, but we will see.

I doubt I'll remember to update here every time CMC/I release something but I'll try to update at least every once a while!
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