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GSNK Volume 7 Omakes + status update

kashima water you doin

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Chapter 82 is delayed because us CashMoneyChiyo noobs are great (read: terrible) at managing our school lives, but we do have extras from Volume 7 now available, on our tumblr and on batoto <3

Status update
I still have uni-related work to do but I will be finished soon, so I plan to be releasing other scanlations starting next week hopefully! GuguKoku will definitely be released. Nanatsuya and Ginban Kishi I can't guarantee but I plan to start working on them again soon. Can't say when I will recommence working on translations on OtakuMole though.

Sorry for the waiting! OTL
Tags: gekkan shoujo nozaki kun

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