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GSNK update + new GSNK scanlation group name/blog! + I'm more or less on hiatus as you can see

GSNK update and scanlation group name news

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Chapter 81 is now up, but this isn't an actual page from the chapter itself LOL, instead I've chosen to show the credits page to announce that the GSNK scanlation trio - myself, variationa and shotgunlagoon - have finally made ourselves a group name!
Our GSNK work will now be credited under Cash Money Chiyo and will be located on batoto and http://cashmoneychiyo.tumblr.com : D

Why hasn't RhapsodyInBlue updated her other projects!?

As you might have noticed, I uh haven't released any other stuff since the last GSNK update.
This is because I am studying very hard at uni right now - it is my final semester (for my undergraduate studies at least) and in particular I am working on this important research project, so I need to focus as much as possible.
I apologise to anyone waiting for other releases - I swear I am working on them too whenever I can in my free time, but I have to prioritise studies over scanlations for now :( please be understanding!
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